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Cancer Immunotherapy & Immunosuppression

Our mission at iTeos is to discover and develop immune therapies to benefit cancer patients. Immunotherapy is a breakthrough approach in the treatment of cancer that seeks to eliminate tumors through the stimulation of the immune system. The first generation of immunotherapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccines, have been limited by the proportion of patients who benefit, and by the depth and duration of response in those that do. Therapeutic benefit has been observed in tumors invaded by T-cells, the so-called inflamed, immunogenic, or “hot” tumors, however, immune approaches for non-inflamed or “cold” tumors remain an important unmet medical need.

Even in “hot” tumors, potent immunosuppressive mechanisms dampen T-cell activity and limit the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors. These mechanisms have been targeted by iTeos’ first wave of projects, including small molecules and biologics.

iTeos’ second wave of projects aims at increasing the immunogenicity of cold tumors, which respond poorly to current immuno-oncology treatments. iTeos’ complementary portfolio aims to broaden the benefit of immunotherapy. Building on strong drug discovery and early clinical development expertise, iTeos intends to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of its approach in proof of concept trials, on its own or in co-development with a partner.  iTeos is also developing tools to identify unique combinations in selected cancer indications to demonstrate clinical efficacy and achieve regulatory approval on its own.

Cancer immunotherapy & immunosuppression