Working at iTeos

I joined iTeos in November 2012, when there was only five of us. Coming from a Big Pharma, I immediately came to love the dynamism, excitement and fast decision-making of a start-up. Having to cover multiple roles at once, from helping devise company strategy to more humble activities like preparing shipping of compounds, created unique and ever-changing challenges: being both multidisciplinary and team players is in our DNA. I consider it a testament to our dedication and passion that we managed to get our first compound (an IDO1 inhibitor) in preclinical development in less than two years of operations, and I look forward to it entering clinical testing soon. Because all that matters to us, at the end, is to be able to bring new treatment to patients who can benefit from them. This is what really makes us tick. 

Stefano Crosignani

Director, Drug Discovery

    Our corporate culture

    The culture and values of iTeos are summarized by the motto « Together we are stronger ». The complexity and cross-functional nature of our research make goal-oriented teamwork essential to the success of iTeos. We are building a company driven by collaboration, scientific excellence and empowerment of our partners (both internal and external) in order to develop a successful company and treat patients.

    We’re passionate about innovation, are you ?

    We're passionate about innovation, are you ?
    “We are convinced that iTeos values are key to our success. Our single greatest asset is our people; their collective expertise, commitment and dedication will be key to build iTeos future and curing patients.” 
    Michel Detheux, Ph.D.
    Co-founder & CEO