One team: We work together to develop breakthrough therapies to treat cancer through improved immune response.

two scientists at computer workstation in a lab

Our two clinical-stage product candidates, EOS-448 and Inupadenant, each target a key mechanism that inhibits an effective antitumor immune response.

The ATP-adenosine pathway is recognized as a key pathway that modulates immune responses in pathological conditions. We designed Inupadenant to inhibit the ATP-adenosine pathway by specifically targeting A2AR, which is the primary adenosine receptor on immune cells with a high affinity for adenosine.

EOS-448 is an anti-TIGIT human immunoglobulin G1, or IgG1, antibody that we are developing to inhibit the immunosuppressive activity of TIGIT. TIGIT is a cell surface receptor expressed on multiple immune cells, including CD8+ T cells, natural killer, or NK, cells and T regulatory cells, or Tregs, a cell population that inhibits the immune response.