Cancer immunotherapies by design, and in development.

Our pipeline

Our efforts are targeting various cancer indications using our drug candidates either in monotherapy or in combination with additional drugs, as well as in intraportfolio combinations.


Phase 1

Phase 2a




+ dostarlimab | Solid Tumors

Phase 1, dosing

+ dostarlimab | 1L NSCLC PDL1high

Registration-directed, non-dosing

+ dostarlimab | HNSCC

Registration-directed, non-dosing

+ dostarlimab | Undisclosed

Registration-directed, non-dosing

+ dostarlimab + CD96 | Solid Tumors

Phase 1, non-dosing

+ dostarlimab + Inupadenant | Solid Tumors

Phase 1, non-dosing

+ Inupadenant | PD-1 Resistant Melanoma

Phase 1, dosing

Monotherapy/+ iberdomide | Relapsed Refractory Multiple Myeloma

Phase 2a, dosing


Monotherapy | Evaluating Patient and Indication Selection Biomarkers

Phase 2, dosing

+ pembrolizumab | PD-1 Resistant Melanoma

Phase 2, dosing

+ chemotherapy | Post-IO mNSCLC

Randomized, non-dosing


IND Enabling Studies

Preclinical, dosing

Studies with dark backgrounds are dosing patients. Studies with light backgrounds have not yet dosed patients.

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At iTeos we are pioneering the discovery and development of a new generation of highly differentiated immuno-oncology therapeutics.

At iTeos, we believe that collaboration is critical to achieve our mission of developing breakthrough therapies. By building upon our talents and expertise, bringing out the best in each other, and working synergistically with the best scientists and technologies.

We bring our deep understanding of the tumor microenvironment and immunosuppressive pathways to design new products and improve the clinical benefit of oncology therapies.