Our science


"Under the leadership of our seasoned executive team and the guidance of world-class immuno-oncologists, iTeos is expanding its discovery engine focused on developing innovative cancer immunotherapies, with the goal of delivering at least 3 INDs over the next 3-5 years."

Michel Detheux, Ph.D.
Co-founder & CEO



iTeos’ pipeline addresses key unmet needs in immuno-oncology: the inhibition of immune suppression in inflamed (hot) tumors and the increase of immunogenicity in non-inflamed (cold) tumors. These include:

  • Adenosine A2A antagonist, preclinical development
  • TIGIT immune checkpoint blocking antibody, preclinical development 


iTeos focuses upon selected key suppressive mechanisms of immunity in cancer based on gene expression, association with immune cell subsets, protein expression in human tumors and biological validation. From these scientific data, iTeos selected the Adenosine A2A and TIGIT as targets for the initiation of drug discovery programs.

iTeos continues to work on target discovery to fuel its future portfolio. iTeos has developed an innovative in vitro phenotyping screening assay that mimics the tumor microenvironment. This target identification platform is used to identify novel targets and rational combinations and mechanisms of resistance to our current programs. Collaborations to access and profile immune cells in patient tumors are also underway to provide the relevant disease context for our current and future targets.