The Pipeline

Our two clinical-stage product candidates, Inupadenant (EOS-850) and EOS-448, each target a key mechanism that inhibits an effective antitumor immune response: the ATP adenosine pathway and a novel checkpoint TIGIT, respectively. We believe that both product candidates have the potential to further increase patient responses to standard cancer therapies, including immunotherapy. We are evaluating numerous biomarkers in our clinical programs to maximize this potential through choosing synergistic combination agents and identifying patients most likely to benefit from our product candidates. 

We are also using our deep understanding of the critical immune resistance pathways to identify new targets and generate additional differentiated programs for underexploited pathways validated by a strong scientific rationale.


Program Trial Design Indications Preclinical Phase 1a Phase 1b Phase 2
+ dostarlimab Solid tumors
Monotherapy / + iberdomide Relapsed Refractory Multiple Myeloma
+ pembrolizumab Solid Tumors
Monotherapy Evaluating Patient and Indication Selection Biomarkers
+ pembrolizumab PD-1 Resistant Melanoma
New Combinations
Inupadenant + EOS-448 Solid Tumors
Inupadenant + EOS-448 + dostarlimab Solid Tumors
Monotherapy IND Enabling Studies
* Studies with solid arrow are dosing patients. Studies with dashed arrows have not yet dosed patients.